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Open Source Manifesto of Deutsche Bahn

We as Deutsche Bahn stand behind the idea of Open Source as an essential element of digital transformation. Using and contributing to Open Source software is an integral part of modern software development and operations. Open Source helps us to serve our customers, contributes to our business, and gives back to the society of which we are a part. We are committed to doing Open Source and doing it right.

We use Open Source to ...

  • accelerate innovation, because it lowers the barrier of entry
  • increase efficiency, because efforts can be shared
  • foster independence and interoperability, because all users and providers have open access
  • provide an environment for people to learn and apply their skills because that is what they expect from a modern company

We engage with Open Source under the following principles:

Our commitment as an organization

  1. Use Open Source: We use Open Source software where it meets our needs and the needs of our partners and customers.
  2. Contribute to Open Source: We contribute to Open Source software where it helps us and others.
  3. Provide clear guidelines: We provide a clear path and guidelines to using and contributing to Open Source software.
  4. Encourage learning: We encourage learning and growing through Open Source engagement.
  5. Take responsibility: We strive to be a "good Open Source citizen" and take responsibility as part of the ecosystem.

Our expectations for our employees

  1. Consider Open Source: Take Open Source software into account when choosing or developing software.
  2. Contribute: Give back to the community the changes we make to Open Source software, and start Open Source initiatives where we can be stronger together with others.
  3. Respect guidelines: Follow the DB-internal Open Source guidelines and contribute to improving them.
  4. Engage with the community: Engage with Open Source communities to help and learn.
  5. Act responsibly: Always act responsibly in Open Source communities with care and respect in content and communication.

Daniela Gerd tom Markotten

Daniela Gerd tom Markotten

"Open Source is an essential element of digitalisation. For Deutsche Bahn, it is therefore a matter of course that we use this great potential and contribute our share to the lively community. In keeping with the spirit of Open Source, we are not doing this alone. We work together with other European railway companies within the framework of the OpenRail Association and exchange ideas across company boundaries."

Daniela Gerd tom Markotten, Member of the Management Board for Digitalization and Technology

Bernd Rattey

Bild Bernd Rattey

"Our Open Source Manifesto provides clarity - for our employees, but also externally. Deutsche Bahn is committed to the use of Open Source software and to active participation in the community. The manifesto stands for a professional approach to Open Source that goes its own, new ways, shares knowledge and always learns from the best practices of other companies."

Bernd Rattey, CIO/CDO Deutsche Bahn AG

Nicole Göbel

Nicole Göbel

"This manifesto gives Deutsche Bahn employees security in dealing with Open Source software - in addition to the technical infrastructure and support in dealing with Open Source that have long been established. It supplements existing regulations with a clear, public commitment. Last but not least, with Open Source we create an attractive working environment for IT experts who want to shape the future of mobility and logistics together with us."

Nicole Göbel, CEO DB Systel GmbH


Deutsche Bahn is a member of various Open Source organisations.

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Open Source Projects

Deutsche Bahn maintains a number of Open Source projects. The following list shows a selection:

  • DB UI - The DB UI ecosystem accelerates digital products development at Deutsche Bahn. Open for all web tech stacks, compatible to brand standards and accessible
  • Digitale Schiene Deutschland - Railway Digitalization
  • Eclipse Signalling Engineering Toolbox - Providing essential components of the tool chain to manage initialization, testing, validation and visualization of the PlanPro object model for railway signalling engineering
  • Flatland - An open-source toolkit for developing and comparing Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning algorithms in little (or ridiculously large!) gridworlds
  • libpax - A library to estimate passenger (PAX) count based on Wi-Fi & Bluetooth signals based on the ESP32 chip
  • Trivy Vulnerability Explorer - Web application that allows to load a Trivy report in json format and displays the vulnerabilities of a single target in an interactive data table
  • GitLab CI Python Library - A library to create dynamic pipelines for Gitlab CI. It allows to write Gitlab CI pipelines of any complexity in well manageable Python code
  • DB Systel Open Source Policies - Collection of Open Source related policies at DB Systel GmbH

We are also involved in numerous other Open Source projects and initiatives.



Contact persons:

Cornelius Schumacher

Open Source Steward

DB Systel GmbH

Max Mehl

Open Source Strategy & Governance

DB Systel GmbH